that .UNTAMED. swag

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This is unreal! Win a 2000 dollar ASOS shopping spree and get gussied up for New Years! You cant miss out on this #bestnightever - ad
The meaning of expensive taste… (Taken with Instagram)
Picture frame…monogram…”vase” I made today. Goodnight.  (Taken with Instagram)
2nd project done. Hanging pic frames. I swear if y’all want some room decor hit me up!  (Taken with Instagram)
I was feeling crafty today. DIY vanity with a paper “flower” ball. Made by me  (Taken with Instagram)
😂😂🍴 (Taken with Instagram)
College prep  (Taken with Instagram)
#KOK t-shirt “I don’t want to grow up. I’m a roys r us kid!  (Taken with Instagram)
G’morning guys 😊 (Taken with Instagram at IU Psychology Department)
No chocolate factory  (Taken with Instagram at Classroom Office Building)